*  Multi-Purpose Cleaning:  We recently renovated our home, upstairs and down ... Along with the charm of an old home, it also had years of grime.  When we pulled old cupboards out, there was a greasy grime that turned the stomach, but with the smell and the cleaning ability of diluted TKO, we soon had everything, including the decades old furnace, come out sparkling clean.  Even soot from the fireplace was no hassle to clean up ... Cleaning up after a meal is great with TKO.  A little squirt into the dish water removes grease beautifully, or spray it directly onto a roasting pan, etc.  Glasses rinsed in water with a little TKO are just like new again ...  A spill of a whole quart of motor oil on the cement patio, which seemed like a small disaster, was cleaned up within an hour by using a mixture of 4 tbsp of TKO and 18 ounces of water in a spray bottle ... It may seem a little strange to be so excited about a cleaning product but it really is more than that.  I had one client in Vancouver who runs a bed and breakfast and she said it was the first time in over 17 years that she didn't have mold and mildew on her roses. (1 oz per gallon of water) ... Not many things will take out the smell of skunk spray, but TKO works!!  Many of my friends have pets and they tell me that TKO is incredible for cleaning up little accidents that the pets have, especially off carpets.  I have found TKO  to be the best spot cleaner and overall cleaner for carpets that I have ever used, and I have tried several commercial cleaners over the past thirty years...
- E. A. - Vancouver, British Columbia

*  Laundry:  My husband is a building contractor and he gets into some pretty messy jobs.  He came home with floor tile glue on his shirt.  I couldn't get it off until I used your product.  I couldn't believe it.  The TKO took it right off and didn't ruin the color.  It is also great for crayon marks on walls and it doesn't ruin the paint.  The smell of TKO is also great.  It leaves a lasting fragrance.  Your product is a gem.
- D. W. - Newburgh, Ontario

*  Laundry:  The regular dilution in a spray bottle is very useful in the laundry room for pretreatment of stains.  Recently my son had a bloody nose in the middle of the night - he did not wake up and by morning the blood had set and dried on the sheets and pillow case.  As a single father, I am not used to dealing with laundry emergencies!  I poured on some TKO and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then put it through the regular wash.  I thought the sheets were shot but I pulled them out and not a trace of any blood was present!!!  Thanks!    - L. H. -  Fernie, B.C.

*  Silk Plants:  I can not believe how great this product is.  The smell and cleaning power is great!  A successful usage is to clean silk plants.  Spray on and they become clean and fresh.  A forever user of Orange TKO!
- B. W. -  Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

*  Nail Polish:  I am 13 years old ... My mom buys TKO.  We use TKO all the time, but never knew it could take off nail polish.  I was ... painting my nails and the bottle tipped.  I spilled half a bottle of dark pink nail polish on my knitted white sweater.  This sweater was my favorite ... I put it in a pail with TKO and water.  We scrubbed and then just let it soak.  I thought my sweater was ruined but after a few days it was all off.  I couldn't even find where I spilled it.  TKO does wonders.  Thank-you for saving my shirt.
- K. R. -  Maidstone, Saskatchewan