*  Pets and More:  To use on your pet, simply mix 1/2 teaspoon per spray bottle of water.  That's it!  Orange TKO also makes a great dip for use on your pets.  Your pet will smell citrus fresh.
      Orange TKO is great to use around your house.  TKO removes pet stains regardless of the length of time the stain has been there.  And, when used on pet stains, the citrus smell will keep your pets from returning for a repeat performance.
      Has your pet been attacked by a skunk?  With Orange TKO, you will have no trouble getting rid of that odor ... Orange TKO is definitely the solution for all your needs.      -  Animal Press - September, 1995 issue

*  Hot Tubs:  At KOKO Beach we strongly recommend Orange TKO as a product for wipe downs of hot tubs after the tub has been drained.  We have found that 1 or 2 tablespoons of Orange TKO to 750 ml of water is very effective at removing body oils that have been left behind after the tub is drained.  Orange TKO eliminates the use of abrasives on hot tubs ... Orange TKO is an exceptional product and should be a staple with every firm in the hot tub industry.
-  KOKO Beach Hot Tubs and Billiards  -  Edmonton, Alberta

*  R.V.'s:  We are often solicited by chemical sales reps who claim to have the strongest and best cleaning agents.  After having used the Orange TKO cleaning agent, I am very happy with the results ... We primarily use the product for its ability to cut grease and oil film in the kitchen and bathroom areas of the R.V.'s we rent.  I can honestly recommend others use this product.  It does perform the way TKO claims.
-  H & H Trailer Sales and Rentals  -  Abbotsford, British Columbia

*  Fire Soot:  My husband is a volunteer fireman and his helmet was full of fire soot.  He tried everything like Windex, Fast Orange hand cleaner, Varsol, and dish detergent.  Nothing came close to cleaning the helmet like TKO did.
-  C. -  Mayerthorpe, Alberta

*  Creosote:  ... Your product "Orange TKO" is amazing.  We've used it on almost everything! ... We have a stainless steel chimney which for years we have tried to clean, but can't get the creosote off.  Nothing worked (short of sand blasting it) so we tried some Orange TKO on it.  YAHOO!  Cleaned it right off.  I just sprayed it on (2 tbsp to 16 oz water), rubbed it with #0000 steel wool, and presto!  Clean as a whistle.  It even removes the nicotine from my husband's fingers. ... Great stuff, that Orange TKO!
-  K.  -  Orillia, Ontario

*  Black Powder:  As we are avid black powder shooters/competitors the clean up and smell involved with firing black powder was getting to me.  We have looked for some time to find a product that would ail in cleaning the black powder residue and reduce the rotten egg smell associated with same.  Mixing 2 oz of TKO per gallon of water, I took some to the range with me.  As I fired each set of 10 rounds (cartridge rifle), I de-capped the cases and put them in a jar of TKO.  When I got home ... I was pleasantly surprised as to the lack of odor.  All that was necessary to finish cleaning the cases was to thoroughly flush them with cold water, followed by a hot flushing so they dry faster.  Normally one must scrub the inside of each with a bottle brush.  When the cases dried, they were put in a case tumbler for about 2 hours and came out immaculately clean, ready to reload.  With other cleaners/detergents I have tried, the cases just be in the tumbler considerably longer...
-  Precision Black Powder Specialties -  Regina, Saskatchewan